Radio spins

  • 150 Weekly Spins - Basic Promotions

    BASIC $199

    • 150+Spins /Per week
    • 600+Spins /campaign min.
    • 30 Days
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Press release 10 Locations


    The package of choice includes press releases and social media marketing postings. Artists' "song(s)" are submitted to the leading broadcast tracking source.  These sources track radio airplay of songs worldwide. This tracking is about 5000+ radio stations. The submission includes FM Terrestrial, college, industrial, Non-industrial, and streaming internet radio stations.

    1. Submission locations:
    2. iHeart/ Clear Channel,
    3. Radio One/city One,
    4. Sirius XM,
    5. Radionomy,
    6. Shoutcast,
    7. TuneIn,
    8. Icecast,
    11. Beasley Broadcasting,
    12. Bell Media,
    13. Cumulus,
    14. Emmis,
    15. Cox Radio,
    16. Entercom,
    17. International Radio,
    18. NewCap,
    19. Townsquare Media,
    20. Vista Radio,
    21. Wilks,
    22. NextMedia,
    23. Rogers,
    24. Welch Communications,
    25. Harvard,
    26. Streaming licensing,
    27. Streema,
    28. city Radio,
    29. BBC Radio Europe
    30. unbiased FM Terrestrial,
    31. Commercial, Non-industrial,
    32. College 
    33. Internet radio broadcasters streaming online
  • Get Guarantee Radio Airplay on Commerical and College Radios

    Guarantee radio spins

    Are you an artist that needs radio play so as to beautify visibility and get greater downloads on iTunes, google play, and alike platforms. Radio Airplay is necessary to be charted, but it also enables increase streaming on all structures.

    The guarantee radio spins is for serious Musicians best. This provider isn't for artists that are just asking questions and not using a real recreation plan. The campaigns are 30-60 days depending on the package deal chosen with the aid of the consumer. customers can also obtain personalize a bundle.

    The radio spins campaign consists of weekly reporting which can be supplied on Wednesday as reportingis achieved Tuesdays. The report is DRT, Mediabase and then send to Nielsen.

    There are numerous packages to choose from fundamental to platinum,however, the musician can take a look at drive the base to the gold bundle at All styleis standard. Musicians can get performed internationally, so irrespective ofthe place that is the right possibility.

    The package also offers press releases and social media marketing posting. The artist track is submitted to the leading global broadcast tracking source that tracks radio airplay of songs inside the US and worldwide on extra than 5000+ radio stations. Our submission consists of an array of essential FM Terrestrial, college, industrial, Non-industrial as well as lots of streaming internet radio stations.

    Some of the submission consists of but not constrained to iHeart/ Clear Channel, Radio One/city One, Sirius XM, Radionomy, Shoutcast, TuneIn, Icecast,,, Beasley Broadcasting, Bell Media, Cumulus, Emmis, Cox Radio, Entercom, international Radio, NewCap, Townsquare Media, Vista Radio, Wilks, NextMedia, Rogers, Welch Communications, Harvard, Streaming licensing, Streema, city Radio, BBC Radio Europe and lots of unbiased FM Terrestrial, commercial, Non-industrial, college and internet radio broadcasters streaming online.

    Try guarantee radio spins


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