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Review of the children book "The Half-Full Glass of Water "by Spud Getty!

The book "Half-Full Glass of  Water" written by Spud Getty overall is a great book. Initially, I thought the book was about how to see the best out of any situation regardless of the circumstances.

This story gives a child a great way to look at life! Better yet, the book shows how adults and children see the world differently.

There is a part in the book where it reads; "in every lifetime, a glass of water will magically appear on a quest to help someone". This statement tells me that half a glass of water can save a day.

Mr. Sprud is impressive in how he uses illustrations, a great simple, and powerful method in his storytelling to get children interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math also called (STEM).

This book will give a child a different approach to look at a glass of water, air flow, fractions, and structure. The illustration makes it easy to understand and the quick word list that defines important words used throughout the story, by providing its glossary.

Longe Magazine said: "this book is excellent for any child to have, and perfect to start reading for grade K-5, though it's ideal for 2-4 grades, but enjoyable for an adult to read as well".

This book can be found on Amazon and the Kindle for less than $8. Click the following link for purchase. https://www.amazon.com/Half-Full-Glass-Water-Spud-Getty/dp/1720684278

"This is your song" well is it? Let's understand the artist! Sofia Evangelina is the powerhouse coming from Canada

"This is your song" well is it? Let's understand the artist! Sofia Evangelina is the powerhouse coming from Canada, with no hesitation in taking over the music charts. Beyond the signing, she is also a songwriter and actress. At only sixteen years old, her expectation is in remembrance of Christiana Aguilera vocal range. Having won several awards such as: "Canada’s National “Overall Talent Awards”  at Talent INC 2014, Canada TeenFest, The Mics and more.  Her experience in front of a large audience is exceptional having performed in Las Vegas and festivals".

The 2018s has been a certain year for Sofia Evangelina. The first few years of her young career with the talent of being a musician and actress, what we can see with her new single, is realness to her positivity and reaching out on topics that we are facing in everyday life with the lead song “This is your song” the song touches on the persona to the drama of being bullied and mistreated. But she kicked off 2019 pushing the single "This is your song" that should not be short of reaching the Billboard charts.  Her Album Butterfly that debut her talent and powerhouse voice that included cover songs such as: At Last by Etta James, Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, All I Could Do Was Cry by Etta James, Feeling Good, I Want You Back, Hello by Adele, Lean on Me by Bill Withers, Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing By Steve Wonders, Fix You by Cold Play, and I'll Be There by The Jackson Five is beyond her years! Her voice her variation shows the measurement of her voice.

Stepping into 2019, with the hit "This is your song" should be encouraged among all especially with all individuals that were and still are facing bullying worldwide. This hidden secret that many keep within until they do something out of place and drastic.  Based on the information from stopbullying.com bullying and suicide goes hand in hand; with students between the grades 6-12 experience these issues the most and keep it to themselves. So can you image Sofia Evangelina at this tender age understanding the complexity of people just cannot be themselves?

Take a moment to listen to the powerhouse voice of Sofia Evangelina that will make the hair on your skin stand up when you listen to her music.

Her website contains all the details you will require. Please download Quick link here:

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_up6S731hUOWyVKn3dwXow?view_as=subscriber
IG: @sofiaevangelinaxoxo
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/sofiaevangelinamusic
TW: https://twitter.com/sofiaevaxo
Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/5KafNBTlXRzgxGlCqHAMAk
WEBSITE:  www.sofiaevangelina.com

Press & Updates:
     IHeartRadio: https://player.fm/series/just-joshing/just-joshing-episode-182-sofia-evangelina

New Song by Mgfiretested called "dont be destructive

Mgfiretested is a versatile independent music artist, His in demand single "dont be destructive" is already streaming online ,and being played on several radio stations. This hit anthem is a stop the voilence anthem.

Lord Conrad New Music video! Only You.

Lord Conrad New Music Video "Only you".

Lord Conrad is a DJ, Music Composer, Songwriter, Dancer, Model, Aesthetic Guru, Personal Trainer, Trader, Influencer and TV personality born in Milan Italy.

With an intense passion for technology and videogames too.

A multitalented artist, Lord Conrad has made his mark in almost all forms of art. While he leaves his listeners in awe with its touching music as a songwriter, composer, and DJ, he is equally at ease on the ramp as one of the hottest models. Moreover, the Italian artist is also a fabulous dancer who effortlessly sets the stage on fire with his electrifying grooves.

He evokes the substance of an artist; making music around him personal life experiences and all other topics which seem boundless.

Musician? Do you want to make CMJ and Billboard

What will the CMJ and Billboard charts do for Musician?

Using the right marketing plan can allow a musician to be successful without having to pick up a job to cover living expenses. Patience is never an easy task when one knows their music is great, and the world should hear true talent. When Musicians listen to their great creation of which only a few have heard because of an industry that is so populated with talentless Artist, it makes your heart break into pieces.  Musicians must find the right marketing plan to get to the next level. The dream in your head telling you that your music is going to be famous because your music is so great. But the big break is not coming after years of hard work, and you just can't understand what is really going.

What are you doing to make your music stand out in the overcrowded market?  Most musicians these days will not get a deal unless they have millions of hits on Youtube,  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to having a dominant social media presence, it also important to make it on the CMJ and Billboard charts. How can that happen? A musician should still follow the grass route method in making their music still find out the stations that report music, and get on the station's playlist.

While researcher, Something came across my search https://www.seoclerk.com/Audio-Music/473167/Submit-music-to-CMJ-and-Billboard-chart-radio-stations, this service offered such a great service, it had to be tested and it produces great results. For twenty-five ($25) a musician can submit one song which is submitted to well need CMJ and Billboard Radio stations. They even sent back a tracking report of the results which were not a part of the package deal.

So what is College Music Journal (CMJ)? (CMJ) is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and school car radio airplay. The CMJ University Radio Network is a community of hundreds of both on-air and online school and non-commercial car radio stations throughout North America and beyond. CMJ attaches music fans and music industry professionals with the best lawn mowers of new music through online media. They give you a digital music discovery service, information resources and community to songs fans, professionals, and artists. Are you ready for this test drive? visit https://www.seoclerk.com/Audio-Music/473167/Submit-music-to-CMJ-and-Billboard-chart-radio-stations

What is Billboard? Billboard charts tabulate the relative weekly popularity of songs or albums in the US and elsewhere. The results are published online Billboard magazine and provides weekly charts. The charts are dedicated to all genres. The charts can be ranked according to sales, streams or airplay, and for main song charts such as the Hot 100 song chart. Billboard chart, streams, and track sales are included in addition to album sales Are you ready for this test drive? visit https://www.seoclerk.com/Audio-Music/473167/Submit-music-to-CMJ-and-Billboard-chart-radio-stations

The life of stars is next level, especially when you have the "Hottest Chic"!

The new song "Hottest Chic" by TQ100 is on its way up, a unique sound towards reggae music is always an amazing contribution to in itself.

TQ100 was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. TQ100 education started from the days of Balmagie primary school. oddly enough, it was located relatively close to one of the most legendary and very popular Dance Hall reggae studios in Jamaica. The one and only  "King Jammys" Studio. This was how He was first introduced to the world of Dance Hall Reggae music.

It wasn't until at the age of 14 when he was attending Calabar High School (one of the most famous colleges in Jamaica) that he started to reveal his talent as an artist. Especially in music class.
He was also able to Graduate with certificate passes of seven subjects (4 C.X.C 's and 3 G.C.E O' levels).

TQ100 is now residing in Valley Stream, New York in the U.S.A. and was able to command the same level of respect from the locals there with his lyrical abilities. He was often requested to perform at events that will only enhance his motivation of becoming a household name in the reggae industry.

He was able to take advantage of the many new opportunities in America that he was not able to reach in Jamaica. At this present time, he is now a song writer, an artist, a composer, a recording engineer, a mixing engineer, a producer of his own music, a promoter of his own music and a world wide distributor of his own music. Everything that you hear, in all of his songs, was created by him. His present goal, for music, is to become the best in every department.

Rebeca Gyumi Tanzanian young women rights activist wins the UN Human Rights Prize

Rebeca Gyumi Tanzanian young women rights activist wins the UN Human Rights Prize. Rebecca was very surprised to win this award. She has managed to accomplished a major milestone in her short 31 years that many do not receive until they are in the 50's and 60's plus. What did she do? Rebeca helped in increasing the age of young girls getting marry from 14 to 18 years old in her country.

This became a passion for her once she entered University "studying law that she learned about the Law of Marriage Act of 1971" and wanted a legal change against the ruling. She said she saw many of her friends drop out of school at age 13 because of pregnancy.

Rebeca efforts also allow her to be named the women of the year by "New Africa Magazine".

Cardi B and Offset Splits

On Dec 5, 2018, Cardi B took to Instagram early that Wednesday morning to announce her split from husband Offset. Although she says the two are no longer together, they do apparently remain “really good friends and really good business partners.”

Though we are not big fans of Cardi B's music, we love how she handles herself and her relationship matters.

 Cardi and Offset produced four solid collabs together, and hopefully, the trend continues. Sometimes people are just to be great friends and partners and not in a relationship. She indicated they were trying to work out their issues, but it's just time to make the right decision.

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