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Hot new music by BT The Artist called 'Im Different'

BT The Artist New single "I'm Different Feat. Chef Reid" is in heavy rotation. Listen and download the song from Itunes today "BT The Artist" shows that he is a great artist and a lyricist. The Hip-Hop community has assets in "BT The Artist." The song is very creative with a great foundation and message. BT The Artist Reminds Longe of Nas, Biggie, Tupac, and alike artists. This song will be charted with heavy rotation by Club and Radio DJs. He has pure talent. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts.

About "BT The Artist".

Visit his website and social media for more information on "BT The Artist" and his new song "Different".

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Mavado hits with ‘Not Perfect’

Mavado is a professional artist with his new song out on the market called "Not Perfect." Listen to "Not Perfect" and let Longe know your thoughts. Longe gives this song a five(5) review. Longe looks forward to your comment and feedback.

Dancehall heavyweight Mavado has teamed up with producer Sponge Music on the thought-provoking and inspiring "Not Perfect".

On the track, Mavado says a lot of persons have misunderstood him, and he is not one to get involved in unnecessary drama. The deejay pledges his love for his family, friends, and his fans.

Mavado quoted: “I wouldn’t say it was one particular thing that was the inspiration behind this song. I am nothing without my family and friends, and do not forget the fans,” in a media release.

"Not Perfect" is featured on the World Press rhythm. That project also has songs by Alkaline, Shaneil Muir, and Bugle among other acts.

On the track "Not Perfect," Mavado took the time to address people who do not wish him well. Mavado spoke about the musical legacy that he has created, which persons with ill intentions are seeking to destroy.

“To those persons who don’t wish me well, I wish them well,” said Mavado.

He continued, “Life is not perfect but especially where we are from. But along the journey, we created something from nothing. Guess we are like magicians.”

Known for hits including Real McKoy, Touch the Road, Settle Down and Progress, Mavado achieved Billboard chart success with songs including Weh Dem a Do and So Special.

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Hot new song "Optimistic" by Wibby White.

Wibby White's new song "Optimistic" is a hit, especially in the bars and clubs. Though artist Wibby White is an EDM/Pop this song has more of a dance feel. This song is off his new EP called "His Name is Wibby White." The EP also includes songs like "Black Disco Baby," "Boogie Music feature JAH JAH," "Soo Alone," "Principal of Love Featuring Jacki_O," and "I Just Wanna Be Your Everything Featuring Flykidd Jr."

This "Optimistic" song has a great chance of making the charts. Wibby White's vocal of the dance rendition beat is amazing. No one else could have delivered on this beat the way Wibby White did. The professional recording artist is under the "Records DK" label.


List to the new music "Optimistic" Wibby White and let us know your thoughts.

Wibby White Social Media:

Trauma The Alpha new song "Hmu"

Trauma The Alpha new song "HMU" is taking its place on the hip-hop scene, listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts. Leave your feedback on the song!


Trauma The Alpha is the newest name in the music scene, poised to leave an impact. The hip-hop/r&b artist, rapper, singer, and songwriter radiates a versatile style that will have people hooked. The Cincinnati-bred artist seeks to leave an everlasting impact on his audience, as his music evokes raw emotions.

Through every release, Trauma The Alpha, or also known as Trauma TA, seeks to connect with listeners on a personal level in which will inspire them to chase after their dreams. Trauma The Alpha is inspired by the likes of LL Cool J, Ice Cube, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Master P, and Outkast. Trauma The Alpha is creating his artistic lane as his sound crosses the genre divide to create a unique, distinctive sound that differentiates him from many in the scene. He has a lot of music in the works. Trauma The Alpha is set to leave his footprint on the scene.

Karma by Chelsea Klein

Chelsea Klein is a relatively new artist on the scene, but you’d never know it by listening to her music. Only having released her first single in 2019, her last release (Gravity) already reached over 100,000 streams on Spotify, and has gotten radio spins across several different countries. As someone who grew up incredibly shy, even some of Chelsea’s closest friends didn’t know she sang until five years ago when she decided to go all-in and pursue music as a career. Not quite being fully confident in herself, Chelsea took some years to study with celebrity vocal coach, Nick Cooper, until she felt like she was ready to work on her own music at a professional level. After four successful releases, Chelsea has just dropped another incredible pop song, Karma. This song has been highly anticipated by her fans after she teased the song and music video around Halloween of 2019.

Being someone who has shied away from confrontation most of her life, this song was Chelsea’s chance to take back her power and stand up for herself. Looking back at different situations she has been through, she could think of so many times that she didn’t adequately speak up, and something she always told herself was that Karma would handle it. Leaning into this idea, this song was written in a playful way, but it shows us a very different and more confident side of Chelsea. Paired with her first-ever music video, and very in line with her favorite movie genre, the video has a dark, almost horror movie-esque quality to it. You see Chelsea clearly in a position of power, finally getting revenge on men who have wronged her. Done so well, it is hard to believe this is her first video, and only her fifth music release. Continuing to surprise and impress us, Chelsea keeps proving herself as an artist to watch

Instagram: @chelseakleinmusic

Game Called Life by The Cross

Coming on the scene with his brand new single entitled, “Game Called Life” which is set for an October 20, 2020 release is the hip hop artist named, The Cross.

October 2020 - Recording artist and songwriter the Cross has a truly distinctive approach to his music and artistry. He developed what could be described as a one-of-a-kind formula, which sets the bar higher by blending different styles. From the punch of golden age rap to the melodies of the modern scene, anything goes here! If you want to get a taste for the Cross’s creativity, his most recent release, Game Called Life, is definitely a good place to start. This new studio effort boasts a very good production.

Every element within the mix is incredibly well-balanced, while the passionate performance offered by the Cross is truly unforgettable. This release is highly recommended if you do enjoy the music of artists such as Rakim, Ice Cube, and Nas, only to mention but a few. Ultimately, Game Called Life is a fresh new take on the rap genre, and it highlights the Cross’s ability to create music with unparalleled creativity and personality.

Find out more about the Cross, and do not miss out on Game Called Life, which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms.

BT The Artist New Song "Change" is ready for you to listen!

Listen to BT The Artist's new song "Change" and let us know your thoughts on this hip-hop rising star.

What the artist had to say when Longe asked questions:

What is one message you would give to your fans? I’d like to say thank you for listening and allowing me to do what I love in life. Thank you for digesting the lyrics and trying to be the change this world needs. 

What is the most useless talent you have? I’m good at almost every sport but I didn’t make it pro, so as an adult it’s useless. 

Do you sing in the shower? What songs? I usually rehearse my songs in the shower but if I have my playlist on shuffle, it’s usually a mix between rap and R&B. 

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career? I’d be a child therapist because that’s what I went to school for. I have a bachelor's in psychology and a minor and hospitality. 

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? Do you I performed at tons of events around the east coast. My favorite venue was the Boston Statehouse and I do not have a least favorite. All of the shows have been so fun and upbeat. 

Have any upcoming shows?

Due to the pandemic and I have not been performing, but I will stream a live performance on YouTube and other social media platforms in November. 

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 

The internet makes it easier for an independent artist’s music to be heard. It also allows for labels and distribution companies to get in contact with independent artists.

What first got you into music? 

I always loved music ever since I was a little kid. I and my friends use to write verses and vote on the best verse. It was fun because it was like WuTang Clan in the back stairwell together spitting rhymes. 

Who inspired you to make music? 

A lot of what’s going on in the world inspires me to make music. The best motivator I have is my family. Trying to give them a better life while doing what I love to do is the best motivation there is. 

How would you describe the music that you typically create? 

I create a lot of music people can dance to but a common theme throughout my music is motivation. Helping people get through a tough time and shedding light on things that need to change in the world. 

What is your creative process like? 

I love to write and put the puzzle of creating a song together. I usually start by thinking of a topic matter, then I find a beat that gives the emotion behind the topic matter. Then I start writing. I also have a studio in my house so I can make a raw cut before bringing it to an engineer to mix. 

Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

I love to collaborate with singers, male or female. Since I rap and harmonize on the beat a lot I love to have a singer to give a different vibe on a track.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? The internet makes it easier for an independent artist’s music to be heard. It also allows for labels and distribution companies to get in contact with independent artists. 

What is your favorite song to perform? 

My favorite song to perform is "LIT" because the whole crowd seems to erupt. My favorite songs always seem the be the one the crowd reacts the best too. Which famous musicians do you admire? I admire a ton of musicians. I am an old soul so I listen to 2Pac, bone thugs, LL Cool J, Eminem, snoop, 50 cents, Lil Wayne, usher, Lyfe Jennings, Isley brothers, and tons more. 

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into? 

I've never really gotten into any trouble. Aside from the immature things kids do growing up, I always made pretty good decisions. The most trouble I got in had to do with altercations with other students in school. But that even rarely happened because I am an easy-going person. 

What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

The best advice I have ever gotten was believed I'm yourself. You know what seems right and seems wrong. Don’t fall into peer pressure. Believe in yourself and learn from your mistakes. Don’t let mistakes stop you from doing things you want to do because the easiest way to learn something is by making a mistake. 

The question is will u continue to make the same mistake? If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

 If I could change 1 thing about the industry, it would be all the “rap beef.” A lot of artists have been losing their lives of careers due to things they said in a track or social media. There’s too much money out there and venues to fill. Keep your eyes on the prize. 

What’s next for you? 

I take it a step at a time. I am having so much fun creating music videos and writing new songs for my album. I am also rehearsing for my live show in November. I’m Dropping an album and hopefully closing a distribution deal. So the timeline seems great, I just need to continue what I’m doing and you will see the artist everywhere!!!!

Dirty Stick by Omeezy

"Omeezy" is a military brat who grew up in Germany and has been through some things in his 22 years of life. His love for making music began in 2016 after he made a hit song “Uber” (In Maryland) for fun. After that, has continued to make music and hasn’t stopped since. Currently, he resides in Maryland and continuing my college career. Everyone’s life has a little bit of spice to it, this song shows a little of mine. Omeezy has a new song call "Dirty Stick' listen to it and let Longe know your thoughts!


What did the artist have to say about his music career? Read below!

What first got you into music? 

Battle rap got me into writing my lyrics and eventually, I made a song on my phone.

Who inspired you to make music? 

Nobody necessarily it just happened. I honestly began making music for fun, I used to freestyle at the lunch table in high school but it was never taken seriously until later on.

How would you describe the music that you typically create? 

It’s a variety of different sounds from trap to r&b to electronic to reggae. My music can be versatile. I could surprise you on each track.

What is your creative process like? 

I just try to find a beat and come up with something good to lay over it. Sometimes I’m inspired by situations and other times I’m inspired by just a word. It depends on the moment.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

I would like to collaborate with Lil baby.

What is one message you would give to your fans? 

Never change who you are for anybody. Stick to your roots and grow from that. Never forget who you are.

What is the most useless talent you have? 


Do you sing in the shower? 

I listen to beats and freestyle in the shower. 

What songs? What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career? 

I would be making clothes or making comic books.

Where have you performed? 

I haven’t performed ever 

What are your favorite and least favorite venues? 

I wouldn’t know in all honesty 

Do you Have any upcoming shows? 

Not at the moment. 

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 

It made music more accessible to more people and it allowed more individuals to partake in the art of doing music. Whether it’s making music, producing, writing lyrics, etc. More people see and are doing it now.

What is your favorite song to perform? 

I never performed but I’d like to perform “Faith”, “Hard” or “Debit or Credit”

Which famous musicians do you admire?

I admire a lot of musicians like Future, Young Thug, Sauce Walka, Young Scooter, Lecrae, Montana of 300, Lil Baby, and more. 

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into? 

Got into some legal trouble about a fight. It got deeper than that but that’s all I’ll say about it. 

What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

“Nothing in life comes easy, you always gotta work for it”. 

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? 

The blackballing that goes on in it 

What’s next for you?

Finishing college and taking my music and life for that matter to the next level

Instagram: whysheloveomar 

Twitter: TelleMeezy 

YouTube: Omeezy From The Gap


Fighter by Eliot Popkin

Listen to Eliot Popkin new song "Fighter" and let us know your thoughts below.

Eliot Popkin Speaking out and speaking up after 15 years, BILLBOARD acclaimed songwriter and warrior poet Eliot Popkin presents the new single, FIGHTER. Connecting truths cast upon the salty seascape of Winthrop Massachusetts with the current realities washing up in our global consciousness, Popkin once again invites the listener on a journey of introspection and re-emergence.

What the artist had to say:

What first got you into music? I started singing at age 6 and it was my secret talent that I kept hidden from everyone. I would sing to myself for hours and hours every day.

Who inspired you to make music? I think seeing my Mom struggle with her health (she passed from cancer when I was 15), it really inspired me to cultivate my gifts and find a way to communicate with the world.

How would you describe the music that you typically create? My own songs I would classify as Folk / Americana / Singer/Songwriter stuff. When I write songs for other artists and projects, I sometimes write country, pop and r&b.

What is your creative process like? Very random! I typically get ideas when I am jogging, driving, walking, hiking - always on the move lol. With my main collaborator, we tend to write very quickly. I think of a song like a photograph - it is to capture a moment in time.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? I have a few people on my collaboration wish list! At the top would absolutely be Babyface, Mary Chapin Carpenter, James Taylor and India.Arie.

what is one message you would give to your fans? Be You.

What is the most useless talent you have? I am so happy someone finally asked me this! lol Turns out, I am gifted in Mathematics. Ever since I was a kid, I can add, subtract and multiply any numbers in my head. I was nicknamed Calculator as a kid! This "talent" does not come in handy ever, unless I was out at a restaurant and I would tell each person what amount they should pay.

New Music by Andre Aires called "How Do I Begin Again

Born at the southwest part of Europe in Portugal, with only 22 years of age, André is starting to reach all corners of Earth with his new single "How Do I Begin Again?", which let some people say his voice is unique and with musical expression from USA dueto is old native references.

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