Many people chose to have their own business because they want to enjoy the benefit of being independent. Having your own business will also enable you to apply your creativity and be your own boss. This is not to say that personal business owners must be free from the usual encumbrance associated with working for somebody, it has been found that many bosses work more than when they are in full employment.

Starting your own business can be profitable in the long run, but you need the guts to finish what you have started no matter the situation. So, before you make that move, know what it takes to register your business and the types of businesses that are available for your perusal.

Determine the name of your business Naming your company is the first thing that you need to get done before anything else. Because it is the name which you give to your company that will appear on telephone directory and the also the general public will call you by your name. Don’t forget that your business card, advertising format will also answer your business name. But, you need to choose something sensible and must be easy to remember.

Moreover, make sure your business name isn’t duplicated, so you will need to take permission from the state secretary to help you in choosing another name with no fee attached.

How to register your business
Determine your business structure – your business structure is the basis for your business existence, it must fit perfectly with your aspirations. However, if your business structure is bad, you might encounter problems that will eventually lead to its collapse. Some of the common business structures are sole trader, Limited Liability Company, Corporation and Non-Profit and they all have merits and demerits. So, for you to know the right choice, take into consideration issues like setting up costs, taxation, business span, and several other factors. If you are in need of additional help consult an accountant or other professionals that are capable of putting your proposed business on the right path.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
A limited liability company is a type of business ownership, though relatively new in the US, it combines structure and benefits of both partnership and corporation. LLC shareholders are referred to as shareholders and they are only limited to their investment, so cannot be held responsible for company debts except they have sworn to a personal guaranty.

A corporation is a complex business structure with extensive legal and tax requirements. Setting up a corporation requires that an intending businessman knows the different types of a corporation that are available. Ordinary corporations are taxed as a corporate body then taxed again while allocating shares to shareholders. However, an S corporation is a business structure in which owners are exempted from certain forms of tax and other financial liabilities.

Nonprofit organization
This is a business organization that is mostly misunderstood by many people. A nonprofit organization is also known as a charity. They are basically set up to take donations from willing donors for purpose of helping or aiding nonprofit missions or nonprofit organizations. However, a nonprofit can also conduct business like their profit-making counterpart but with the sole aim of paying salaries and taking care of other recurrent expenses.


What does a firm look for in a consulting firm and what should a company have to produce in order to secure the contract?

With current levels at which consulting firms are sprouting up by day, firms are finding it difficult getting the best among them. Also, consulting firms come in different types forms, and sizes we have the big four, top consultants, e-consultancies, and boutiques. Therefore any firm that is need of a good consultant firm should lookout for the fol- lowing traits:

A good consultant firm must have a good reputation, with impressive records of accomplishments. Also, check out if they have a good public image because so whatever they have to offer will impact positively on the company. If you are finding it difficult, figuring how best to gauge their reputation, newspapers and internet search engines could be used to dig for more information about them.

Also, any consultancy that you are hiring must have a considerable number of consultants. Check out the size and also their propensity for growth. Consulting firms with large people are more dependable because you have better chances of getting better solutions to your problem.

Accreditation is also an important factor that firms are looking out for in consulting firms. This is an often-overlooked factor, but very important, they must be part of the industry association, this is another way to determine their credibility.

Check their website, it is another way of assessing providers’ approaches to custom- ers’ needs and aspirations. Good consultancy firms take pride in their portfolio and are not afraid to share them with anybody. This is a type of information can also be found on their website.

Firms should look out for the type of support that is readily available from any consulting firm they are hiring. Another way to be sure that they are ready to stay with you in order to achieve all your business aspirations. They must also be proactive in their approach. Any serious consulting firm must anticipate changes then react to what is happening. Consultants must always provide around-the-clock service whenever it is necessary.

Back-Up Support: The Company must keep you prepared to handle unforeseen circumstances by providing you data backup facility.

Various Services: The IT consulting firm must include system integration, process optimization, infrastructure management, software engineering, IT service management, and IT governance.

Happy Valentine's Day

It's a day like another day, isn't it? It is! But it gives a chance for individuals to take the time out to show love. Tell your family, friends, lovers, and others you care for them, this will only take a minute.

Valentine's Day, likewise called St. Valentine's Day, occasion (February 14) when darlings express their fondness with good tidings and gifts. Given their likenesses, it has been recommended that the occasion has beginnings in the Roman celebration of Lupercalia, held in mid-February. The celebration, which praised the approaching of spring, included fruitfulness rituals and the matching off of ladies with men by lottery. Toward the finish of the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I preclude the festival of Lupercalia and is here and there ascribed with supplanting it with St. Valentine's Day, however the genuine beginning of the occasion is obscure, best case scenario. Valentine's Day didn't come to be praised as a day of sentiment until about the fourteenth century. So Monday, February 14, 2022, Longe Magazine wishes you all a happy Valentine's Day!

Metaverse, what is it?

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their corporate parent organization is discussing "the metaverse" as the following huge thing that will change our web-based lives. However, everybody appears to have their actually what for own "the metaverse" signifies—that is, if they have any genuine thought what it implies whatsoever.

Facebook Shutting Down it's facial recognition system

Facebook said Tuesday it intends to quit utilizing facial-acknowledgment programming that could consequently perceive individuals in photographs and recordings posted on the informal organization, denoting a monstrous shift both for the tech business and for an organization known for gathering huge measures of information about its billions of clients.

Facebook, which changed its organization name to Meta in late October, additionally said it intends to erase the information it had assembled through its utilization of this product, which is related to over a billion group's countenances. offers Music, Books, Apps Marketing!

iMastercopy ( do all things media and technology. iMastercopy has combined two major aspects of business media and technology to build a unique brand. The world has changed with search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media, and search engine algorithm updates. People want things fast, like a fast-food drive-through, we try to move at the pace of each client regardless of their need for marketing services, digital marketing, branding promotions, Music/Book/App Marketing, disc duplication or business strategy.

Branding matters!

Branding is a significant factor in any business item or administration. In the present society, it is about the correct branding by means of advanced promoting, website streamlining, press inclusion, and custom special methodology so the brand stands apart among the group. Imastercopy showcasing, advancements and branding administrations breathe life into a brand. The strategies increment revenue, leads, and clients. Imastercopy utilizes the correct business system that will cause a brand or administration to circulate around the web.

Spring is here! And Great Easy Dishes to make "Mango and Cucumber Salad"

In my grocery store, I can't find a single roll of toilet paper, but I can still find products to make a great healthy salad to make me feel like I'm not standing stand 6 ft away. This is something you can share and do a group recipe...let us know how it turns out. Remember the store guidelines. At this time only one member if a family can be in the store at a far as the last news that I recall.

Getting back to it...and bringing out our anticipation of warm weather and picnics...let's bring that spirit into our time at home, to keep our family safe...Let's do this together! So remember, only 1 person goes to the store. Wear protective gear, use wipes to clean handles of the cart, stay 6 ft away from the next person in line. Take extra wipes to wipe your hands steering wheel etc once you get into the car. Give your produce a vinegar bath before you use it.

So now let's get ti a great salad!

Mango and Cucumber Salad.

  1. 1 Half Ripe Mango (diced)
  2. 1 med cucumber (diced)
  3. 2 cloves of Garlic (minced or grated)
  4. 1 inch of Ginger (grated)
  5. 1/2 Shallot or 1/4 Onion (grated)
  6. Hot pepper (Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet, Habanero to your taste)
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Salt/Pepper
  9. Cilantro or Parsley to your liking.

Mix all ingredients and enjoy with some niced grilled Chicken or Seafood if your choice. Happy Eating!!!!!

Good Nurtrion dying COVID-19 "A great Soup"

Ok folks,
In this time while we are sequestered, due to COVID-19. We should think of healthy measures we can take to fortify our bodies, to help our immune system withstand what's at hand.
 "Let's food be thy medicine"...Hippocrates. 
Here's a soup that incorporates healing and support for the body
Healing Chicken Soup (you can adjust any of these ingredients to your taste...add more of the stuff you like.)
  1. 2 inches of fresh ginger (crushed)
  2. 1 Finger of Tumeric (crushed)
  3. 1/2 med onion (sliced)
  4. 1 stem of Celery (diced)
  5. 2 carrots (diced)
  6. 1 Leek (white parts cut into rounds)
  7. 5 Springs of Parsley
  8. 1/2 wedge of Lemon
  9. 1 Chicken Breast (Cubed/Diced)
Season chicken with salt/pepper set aside
Saute onions on med heat until soft.
Add Leeks, continue to sautee on medium heat. 
Add Garlic, sautee lightly (do not burn the garlic)
Add cubed Chicken, let sear lightly
Add water + Chicken stock (optional) to cover ingredients. Let simmer 1-2 mins.
Add carrots, celery, turmeric, ginger.
Add more water if needed.
Add salt/pepper to your liking.
Bring to a boil for 2 mins, then, set to simmer. Skim of any sediments that may collect at the surface to have a clear soup. Continue to simmer until all ingredients have softened. Add 1/2 of the Parsley alloted, continue to simmer until Parsley softens. Then add the juice of the Lemon. Stir to incorporate ingredients.
Serve while hot. Garnish with the remainder of Parsley and enjoy this healing soup.

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