Who is Backstage?

LifeTime is about finding one that you want to marry, where the bsongbird describes how it happens and has got the feel described. Bsongbird is also a singer. The song Lifetime is perfect for the clubs and listens in the car as it's upbeat. When the beat drops it makes you want to dance or listen in the background while working. The song is well-produced and the delivery of the vocal is great.

Phil Joseph Release Hot Song Babe you are mine summer mix

The song Babe you are mine summer mix by Phil Joseph is here for enjoyment. Phil Joseph belongs to the gold and platinum artist family. He works in different genres like Dance, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, and Drumbass. "Babe your mine summer mix" is well produced. The vocal is right on queue. The song has a Reggae vibe that could be compared to a Bob Marley sound. Overall the song is a contribution to the world. Listen to Babe you are mine below and let us know your thoughts.


The new song have you seen the sun by The Domi (aka) Dominique Lemaire is a Pop/Alt-Pop. The song production is well done with The Domi's voice being smooth and melodic. The song is very catchy. His tone rides the beat with grace. Have you seen the sun is well-produced and can easily be charted. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts.

Keep on

In this day and age, we can use positivity in our lives, Sabi Pitt is here to deliver a message of encouragement and love. Get ready for the new version of we are the world. The song is "Keep On" the song is simply about regardless of what you're going through we need to keep on. The world needs a song like "Keep On" as it provides hope. Sabi Pitt's lyric makes it so you can feel some kind of positivity in life even when you're struggling. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts.

Grateful by Rita Richardson

Rita Richardson's song Graceful is simply amazing. Rita has a soulful voice that will allow the hair on your arm to stick up. Rita has a gift that unique. Graceful is a song that will become a classic. Rita's vocals are a mixture of Mary J Blige and Laura Hill. Her voice is soulful, smooth, and powerful at the same time. Thus far, the Radio and Club DJs indicate the song loves the song. Listen to the Graceful and let us know your thoughts.

Franq Nitti new song "Love it"

The song "Love it" by Reggae artist Franq Nitti is hot! He has an excellent voice. The Reggae singer rides the beat with passion and with excellent delivery. Outside of being a singer, he can rap (deejay), which gives him an advance to do well in the industry. This song will do very well on the radio. Listen to the song, and let us know your thoughts.

Who is Bert G?

Bert G is letting you know that he "Don't Need That Energy". His flow is unique, and it is something one would love to hear in the club or blasting in their car. This song will be charted no question. His style is a mixture of down south with a swag of New York City. In addition, the video complements the song very well. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts on the hot release "Don't Need That Energy". Bert will be performing this new single during "No Stage Tour" to raise funds for youth-focused non-profits.

Blvck Ash new music

Homeless is a new album by Blvck Ash, where he raps about going through homelessness and the experience as a whole. Blvck Ash is an advocate for the homeless and he brings about homeless awareness in his music. He also raps about mental health problems through past experiences. Blvck Ash is a Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN, and Chicago, IL-based artist. Listen to new music and let us know your thoughts on Blvck Ash.

Who is Swanga Swang?

About his passion for music and how he is versatile when it comes to creating music of many different genres! Like R&B\Hip Hop and Country. Swanga Swang is a singer-songwriter rapper from Texas who started out singing in church. At the age of 12, he joined a gospel group along with his brother, cousins, and friends. In his teen years they would set up shows and concerts, and rent buildings to perform.

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