"Lori Harvey" dating "Future" a man with 8 children
Lori Harvey

"Lori Harvey" dating "Future" a man with 8 children

Lori Harvey is rumored to be dating rapper Future in Jamaica. Lori celebrated her twenty-third (23) Birthday in Jamaica with celebrities such as Jordyn WoodsRyan DestinyNormani and others. The lavish party included a sit-down dinner, sparkler-lit two-tiered cake, and a giant gold "Happy Birthday, Lori" sign.

If Lori is, in fact, dating the rapper, the question would be, what is Lori thinking and doing? The rapper has eight different baby mothers not to mention he is 36 years old.

Lori's stepfather Steve Harvey is staying quiet. Whether Lori and Future ever decide to officially announce that they are indeed together is still unknown. But until then, it's safe to say Steve Harvey is staying tight-lipped.


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