Man in dies Hawaii after falling down lava tube hidden in his backyard
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Man in dies Hawaii after falling down lava tube hidden in his backyard

A man has kicked the bucket in Hawaii in the wake of falling into a magma tube hid underneath his back nursery.

As indicated by police, the 71-year-old fell seven meters through "a delicate region of ground." He was found on Monday after companions announced him missing.

"Hawaiʻi Fire Department Rescue workforce reacted to the scene and had the option to rappel into the magma cylinder and concentrate the person in question, whose body was around 22 feet underneath the surface," police said in an announcement.


Nearby distribution Big Island Now reports that the previous Hilo inhabitant tumbled down the pole, which was around two feet wide and very nearly 25 feet down.

Maj. Robert Wagner of the Hawaii Police Department told the distribution that the man was discovered lethargic at the base of the cylinder.

"It shows up (the person in question) was cutting a few branches in his yard and fell into a magma tube on his property and lapsed," he said.

The man's personality is being retained keeping in mind his family, USA Today reports.

The occurrence is as of now under scrutiny by the Hilo Criminal Investigation Section.

A magma tube resembles an underground stream for magma to course through during an ejection. They frequently structure more than a few volcanic ejections as the speediest route for magma to stream downhill.

Magma cylinders can likewise frame when the outside of a magma stream solidifies into shake, while the internal stream of magma keeps on streaming, as indicated by Oregon State University's well of lava instruction page.

Hawaii, also called Big Island, is home to five volcanoes, including Kilauea, the most risky.

Back in May, a man visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park moved past a hindrance and fell into the Kilauea spring of gushing lava caldera, CNN detailed at the time.

"He had traversed a metal railing to draw nearer to the precipice edge where he lost his balance and fell in," Ben Hayes, a representative with the National Park Service, said in an announcement. "Park authorities promptly propelled a pursuit and salvage activity with the Hawaii County Fire Department and around 9 p.m. neighborhood time look and salvage found the man."

The man was safeguarded in about an hour utilizing a rope framework. He was genuinely harmed yet endure.

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