Get know Khari and "Sinsinnati"!
Khari Be the Best Entertainment

Get know Khari and "Sinsinnati"!

Khari's new album called "Sinsinnati" is hot out of the recording studio. The eleven-tracks album is well produced with great delivery. Khari is from Cincinnati, Ohio where he was born and raised. He grew up listening to 90's Hip-Hop because of his father and Uncle. Though Khari loved basketball he found that music was his true passion. He then ventured to follow his dreams of being a Hip-Hop musician.

 Khari talent shows through his lyrics and delivery. The Sinsinnati album shows this raising artist diversity and his ability for great poetry. The album name itself is very clever, as he paid homage to his city with the play on words. Through the album, one can feel the power of the lyrical content. Khari expresses what is going in his life through his music. The passion flows right through.

The Sinsinnati album includes songs such as "Lights", "Young & Black", "Lottery Ticket", "Time", "Da Art of Ignorance", "Aphrodite", "Illumi", "Street Sinz", "Dear God", "The Prologue" and a bouns called "All That". The album is on the label Be the Best Entertainment. His sound is a mixture of old school Hip-Hop and current sounds in the music industry.

Khari's blends give him a unique sound that will let him have the great potential to be like an artist like a "Mos Def". Khari's sound and flow give him an edge with a blend of Bone Thugs and Harmony, Nas, and Eminem. Khari's lyrics give off "I am educated" which allows one to think of a Nas, Mos Def or Tupac in relationship to the content of his music.

Khari is on a mission to make a difference in the music industry with his unique sound. He's well on his way to standing out as the "Sinsinnati" album is well mix and produced. The arrangement especially will catch any listening ears right away. The song "Light" had an intro of Rev. T.D Jakes which allow a quick pause, just to hear what would could next, how will the beat drop? and Khari did not fail in the delivery, hence the song the "Light" is a favorite.

The album can be found all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Napster, Tidal, Google Play, and others. For more information on who is Khari visit his social media or website. It's always a great pleasure when exceptional artistry is introduced to the world. Khari has a gift and great potential to become a chart-topping artist.

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