Singer Ashanti's Father  Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas is being accused of Sexually Molestation
Stephanie Taylor Taska K

Singer Ashanti's Father Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas is being accused of Sexually Molestation

Tasha K had an exclusive interview with Stephanie Taylor on April 30th, 2019 on her youtube show. The interview is about singer Ashanti father Ken-kaide Thomas Douglas of sexually abusing her (Stephanie) from the age of Nine.


The breaking news and the interview will break anyone's heart. One can observe that there is much truth to Stephanie's story.  During the Interview, Stephanie Taylor broke down in tears so many times.

Stephanie said from the age of 10 Ashanti's father was having sexual intercourse with her which resulted in three pregnancies.

Stephanie indicated that Douglas had her on a tight leash, she was not allowed to have friends, he would hide her in closets and behind dressers, boiler rooms and touch her at his will. Douglas scared Stephanie so bad it took her to this age of 55 to tell her truth.

One should listen to Tasha K's Youtube channel to hear the story for themselves.  Stephanie manages to get away from Douglas at age 15, but currently, suffer from PTSD and has been in therapy since the age of 17.

Stephanie said she wants nothing from Douglas.  She just wants a conversation with "Tina Douglas to face her, and ask did she know?."Stephanie seems to have a lot of proof, with her touching statement just warning parents do not just let anyone around your child.

Stephanie Taylor should write a book to ease her mind more. We hope Ashanti's mother Tina Douglas speak with Taylor.  Douglas and Taylor need closure and forgiveness in order to move on. Stephanie wants nothing more than confirmation of what she already knows. See the entire interview below!

Exclusive | Singer Ashanti's FATHER Thomas Douglas Allegedly IM-PREGNATED an (11 yo) 3 Times Tasha K

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