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Listening to JoJax brings back the feeling of Notorious B.I.G, he has an excellent voice and the flow allows one, to wanting to listen more and more. That's what you call good poetry. As JoJax aims to take the music charts over in the next few months, you can hear the love and passion for his music by his words. But he has the one quality that many don't have, a great voice, great delivery, and good content. Longe can see JoJax doing very well and hope to see him on billboard one day. For more information on this artist, visits his social media and more below. Check out his videos as well. Always leave your feedback...




Iowa native JoJax has left the cornfields and small-town life behind for a new beginning in ‘The City of Angels.’ It’s a move that’s changed his life forever. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—JoJax is raising the bar of the hip hop game, rapping about social issues rarely touched upon by other artists. It’s what truly sets him apart from the other hip-hop artists—both mainstream and underground.

“I’ve seen the other side of nothing. I’ve been to nothing. When I moved to California, I was sleeping in my car, and I didn't have any place to stay. I’ve seen so many different levels of life,” explained JoJax. “What would you do if your husband or wife had cancer? You don’t hear anyone rap about stuff like that. I look around me and I just see the things that are going on. These issues need to be addressed—school shootings, bullying.” Recently, JoJax released a new mixed tape titled Stick To The Script. Although the album touches on social issues, this talented rapper also has a few party songs, love songs, etc. to give his latest project variety.

“I have a song called Triple XL. It’s a song for the ladies,” explained JoJax. “I’m not going to go into the details because it’s sexually explicit, you know, but I think the title of the track says it all.” In a recent interview, JoJax explained how he came up with the mixed tape’s title. “When I was younger or would go through things in life, I felt like people were always trying to knock me off of my path of success. People always say ‘stay focused,’” explained JoJax. “I always say ‘stick to the script’ because once you do that and stick to your goals, nobody can knock you off your path.” Perhaps, one of the artist’s most profound tracks is Excel, a song about a 7-year-old girl named Alexis Goggins who was shot six times while trying to protect her mother from her ex-boyfriend. The story attracted the attention of the national media. “This was an amazing story. President Obama evened recognized Alexis at the White House. I saw the story on the news and it inspired me to write a song,” stated JoJax. “Miraculously, the little girl survived.” Jo Jax is currently in the studio working on his latest album.


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Omeil’s Platinum Digital Single “I wanna know now f/ Jk”

Only in it’s third week of it’s release, Omeil’s Management Teams announced that Omeil has surpassed more than one million digital stream on Soundcloud (, not including Google play music ( or Spotify ( Spins. This elevates her team to know this song belongs on billboard and will do what it takes to get it there. As the music industry has changed greatly an artist just need quality music and the proper marketing team in order to accomplish a good music career.

Encompassing a range of songs from an extraordinarily career, Omeil today claimed over 2 million digital single streaming, digital play and download sales and on-demand streams in the United States.

“Going Platinum is the industry’s premier way to celebrate achievement in the marketplace,” said Ms.Terrelonge (Management). “We’ve given awards to artists for years, but it’s rare that we have the opportunity to recognize a milestone like the one Omeil’s has reached. Congratulations to Omeil! She has not only moved over the one million mark, but also is one of the few small island women Reggae artist’s to have done so. It’s an historic feat and a testament to an extraordinary career in the making.” 


Omeil’s Terrelonge Record’s career has span Album; “Reggae Sweetheart”, singles; “Coco” that has over half million streaming, “I wanna know now” with 1.5 million and close follow by Stay Farr. The plan goal is to keep working on until one day the RIAA Chairman & CEO Cary Sherman and Broken Bow VP of Promotional Lee Adams for The first “RIAA Live” present Omeil with her very own RIAA –Certified Plaque.

In addition to her two million cumulative song honors, Omeil’s is looking beyond music and her current five singles, Omeil has weekly TV show at and Release new content every Tuesday at 9 pm, her merchandizing/product line on and aiming high for a successful career with a goal to help others in the end.

Listen to the new song “I wanna know Now f/ JK” here: or on Google Music Play and see what others are loving about this fresh, unique sound of magic from the small island lady Omeil from who is from Jamaica.


About Omeil:

Kadion "Omeil" Lewis better known as First Lady Omeil is hailing from Kingston, Jamaica. Omeil executes her first studio album at the age of sixteen with Ms. Terrelonge whom first introduce her to studio life. She was named the first lady as she was the one and only artist at the time and not due to her being a part of the Portmore Empire Gaza Team. Yes, Yes, Yes, before Gaza Slim and the others, Omeil was the first and only lady of the Empire of Portmore. Ms. Terrelonge and Vybz Kartel see one common goal in Omeil, the pure talent for the artistry of music and not only as a Sing-jay but as a writer, dancer, great stage performer and a growing producer. Currently, Omeil is working to be known on an international scale. Omeil looks to become a household name, and she is doing the necessary steps in order to make the second (2nd) studio album a great success.

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