Imastercopy Media and Tech Company Launches New Client’s Website “Precious Memories Early Childhood”

Stamford, Connecticut – announces today, the official launch of Precious Memories Early Childhood Learning Center Website ( a website devoted to increasing awareness and understanding of Early Childhood Development within the Bridgeport Community. (, supporting education and government mandated legislation that benefits Children six months to five years old and their families, and providing and enhancing early childhood education that support families with cost based daycare and preschools. website provides information and resources on all that is taking place within its four locations said; executive director “Sheree Higgins”. The site provides numerous ways for parents and community to obtain information on how Early Childhood Education is done within the PMECLC environment. PMECLC mission is “ to use developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate and effective teaching and development in the context of our program’s curriculum goals for the children”.

Sheree Higgins President, and Executive Director established the effort for quality early childhood education a few years ago for the Bridgeport, Connecticut. Mrs. Higgins plans to expand the early childhood Education Development on a national level within a small community called “Bridgeport, CT. “The PMECLC Community is committed to making a difference for Education in Pre-School Stage.” stated Higgins”. With this new website, we hope to provide a resource where individuals can learn more about Early Childhood Education and it’s process, and offer a way for parents be involved with the early stages of their child education.”

About and project:

The mission of on this project is to increase awareness and understanding of Early Childhood Development through a online portal that allows easy access for parents to obtain information by using a mobile devices and new age technology. was slated for the development for Precious Memories Early Childhood Center ( and Student Relationship Management System (SCRM) to make this growing organization more advances in the new age technology. “iMasterCopy is please to have this opportunity said CMO Renee Terrelonge”.  iMasterCopy looks forward to implement a quality website and student management system that allow schools, parents and students to be happy.  As is still working on Student Relationship Management System ( "SCRM") the company hopes to bring a lifecycle and streamline progress to early childhood development.


Renee Terrelonge

Public Relations Manager Phone: 800.883.2157

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