DeeJay Pico 2017 Mix

DeeJay Pico mix is ready for 2017 and it will be heard in many clubs under great songs. The Track "My New Dimension LATVIA" has all the components once you hear it, you will have not choice but to get up and dance. The drop made in the composition at track time point of 2:29-2:31 is pure genius. Longe cannot wait to hear the beat under some of the greatest artists in the world.
DeeJay Pico launched their career in July 1998 with their debut as DeeJay in Private parties, and at only 16 years old have started to play for fun in some many clubs and bars in the Province of Salerno. Music has been a part of DeeJay Pico since forever. At the age of 17 Years old, he started to compose digital music with his computer, producing electronic instrument.
In the 2000 DeeJay Pico made so many songs but never published them, he continued to play at clubs in Italy and Europe. In 2001, at the of 18 years old; He published his first album Collection of songs called“ Behind the Future".

After Many Years of stop, and after moving all him life in Riga (Latvia) in 2016 have started a new project's first composing a many numbers of song and exploring so many music attitudes, have have published the Single “My New Dimension (LATVIA)” as a present for the him new country and have started to work on many others project and music fusion. Now working on a new Album, full of vibes from nature, the new city and peoples with a large of music influence.

Harmony Drive unleash a brand new single, "See You".

Hailing from Norway, Harmony Drive is one of those rare bands who excel at defying all your expectations. By taking a look at this bunch of Scandinavian metalheads, you'd expect thundering riffs, earthquake drums and brutal vocals, but there is a twist: The guys in the band are equally as fond of folk, indie, alt-pop and Americana, and they aren't afraid to show their mellow side and create catchy music with integrity.

Harmony Drive's debuted in 2014 with an acclaimed album that received heavy rotation and praise internationally, helping the band win over fans from countries as diverse as the US and the Philippines. 
Today, the band is ready to unleash a brand new single, "See You".

The song was recorded with drummer Dave Elitch, known for his work with The Mars Volta, Juliette Lewis and more. The band also worked with legendary producer Richard J Veltrop, who was at the helm of incredible records by Rage Against The Machine, Tom Petty or Ozzy Osbourne, among others.

The result? An upbeat, warm and infectious track with a truly positive vibe.
Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story.


Vacant by Mars Valley

LIsteting to "Vacant" by Mars Valley brought back memories of listening to LL Cool J smooth voice. Mars Valley has great potential to make it far in the music business. We look forward to seeing many people falling in love with this artist Voice; as well as him making CMJ and Billboard Charts.  Listen to his new song on Spotify ( now and leave your feedback and comments.

Mars Valley's Bio

 Mars Valley was born in Los Angeles, California, raised in the San Fernando Valley. When Mars Valley entered high school, his Mother moved him and his older brother to an apartment in North Hollywood, California, which is where he met Music Producer, James Barber, who lived in the same apartment complex. James converted his den, into a fully functional music studio. It was there, that Mars Valley decided to pursue a career in music.

Mars Valley spent the rest of his freshman year, writing rhymes in his notepad, and recording on an old tape recorder, he borrowed from his Mom. At the end of his sophomore year in high school, James called Mars Valley to record for the first time. A Female R&B artist James was producing wanted a rap verse at the end of her song, it was just eight bars, but it was the start of Mars Valley's infinite love affair with music.

After graduating High school, Mars Valley made the tough decision not to continue on to college, to purse a music career full-time. Mars Valley spent the next couple years being produced and mentored by James and doing collabs with other artists that booked sessions at the studio. Building new relationships with other artists, at this point, was the primary focus.

Mars Valley signed his first record deal with an Independent label, DNR Records. Mars Valley spent the next 5 years using the labels resources to perfect his talent, from networking to performances, and overall building a strong music portfolio. No albums were released by DNR Records.

When the record deal ended, Mars Valley felt like he now had the knowledge, and enough how to, to release his own music independently. Mars Valley spent the next couple years putting money aside, till he had enough to purchase his own equipment, and lease a studio in Canoga Park, California, and begin recording independently.

Mars Valley is known for his hooks, for a Hip Hop based artist, his singing chorus's sure do add extra flavor to his songs, which makes his sound extremely attractive. Mars Valley can create, write and produce. With his incredible passion for music, Mars Valley strives to create the music he hopes, will inspire, and ignite that same passion, within his listeners.


How The Gods Kill

For vocalist musician Nic Nassuet, he introduction collection Walking in the Spirit is not just a vehicle for sharing his religious responsibility, it is additionally a vehicle for individual purging.

Nic Nassuet thought of each of the melodies in "How the Gods Kill". He sings the song with a sincerity that can just originate from having experienced the verses. On occasion, it appears as though Nic is singing the tunes alone in the perfect soundings, so the melody can touch ones soul.

Of course, the collection's general adage is In God I Trust as the answer for toppling life's issues, substantial and little. Great case of this expression can be found in the song, the voice, and passion Nic's has for his feeling and relationship with God.


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