Who is I.C.E Squad? Another Artist like Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Gunit

Listening to Metamorphosis the album with "Vibin" being one of my favorite songs and overall things to do, what can I say other than I.C.E Squad has made an impression. To be completely Honest; it's impossible to think that a rap fan should hate this album at all, even if it is massively commercial. It's inevitable that if only the best five songs were taken from this album, "Metamorphosis" can be one of the greatest rap album's ever, but in this case, the fact that Ice squad demonstrated excellent content, all one should know is that true musicianship still exists. In fact, there's no filler to be found here. Really? All eleven songs are well produced, has great content and it’s almost like finding a new era of great music again. In addition, one would believe Ice squad potential “dumb down” Metamorphosis? Yes, some of the songs are about partying, but who gives a rat’s ass, when the record is good. 

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