The Top "5" things not do when planing an event.

The Top "5" things not do when planing an event.

1. Do not post dates without confirmation on location.

2. Wait for confirmation before adding "Guest"  to promotional materials.

3. Do not order necessary items five days before the date of the actually event.

4. When you assign responsibilities do not over steps the persons decision in charge of that responsibility.

5. Limit the amount of people involve with overall organization of the event.


Longe Media Conference 2011

Longe Media Conference & Expo will be one of the East Coast’s largest exhibitions for the Business, Entertainment, and Fashion industry that wants to debut their brands, products, or services. The Longe Expo is ideal for businesses desiring to present and/or market to entrepreneurs and companies within the music and fashion Industry. Hundreds  of attendees will be experiencing the one day of expo, Business Workshop, Panel & Networking.  A Runway Fashion Show  and a Music Competition with Top Finalists.

This business, Fashion and Music conference & expo will put attendees on the fast track to incorporating the necessary operational steps needed to be successful.


Click here to see preview from last year!


the Longe Show

Tuesdays @ 7:30AM-  Watch the Longe TV Show on WC Channel 20, Check your Local TV Guides for channel in your location. Our intentions are to bring you a talk show that covers business, fashion and entertainment. We will also travel and touch on politics and social issues as well. Join us in the Longe Tuesday at 7:30AM, You can also DVR us! Are you a business that would like to be cover in the longe? if so, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Richard Blumenthal Wins for Connecticut!

After spending millions Linda E McMahon, was not the victor for the senate seat for connecticut. The Connecticut people speaks by choosing Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal had the support of President and Michelle Obama visits to the state, and speaking on his behalf of how important it is to have Blumenthal as the senator for Connecticut.  Are you happy with this results?


Obama First time in Bridgeport and Longe Magazine on the Scene

President Obama's First time in Bridgeport Connecticut and Longe Magazine is on the scene. The city of Bridgeport came to halt due to President Obama's first visit to Bridgeport Connecticut. He came to express the vital importance of everyone voting on November 2, 2010.  President Obama indicated voting for Jim Himes and Richard Blumenthal will only help the administration to continue with the progression of job creation, healthcare policies and other ideas that his administration wants to put in place.  The President's appearance also brought out the Global Aids foundation, who believe this administration is not doing enough to support the cause.  However, President Obama made it very clear to the protestors who interrupted his speech, to consider which party is most likely to do something about funding Global Aids crisis.  Review the the moment on video here on


Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming election!

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