Richard Blumenthal Wins for Connecticut!

After spending millions Linda E McMahon, was not the victor for the senate seat for connecticut. The Connecticut people speaks by choosing Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal had the support of President and Michelle Obama visits to the state, and speaking on his behalf of how important it is to have Blumenthal as the senator for Connecticut.  Are you happy with this results?


Obama First time in Bridgeport and Longe Magazine on the Scene

President Obama's First time in Bridgeport Connecticut and Longe Magazine is on the scene. The city of Bridgeport came to halt due to President Obama's first visit to Bridgeport Connecticut. He came to express the vital importance of everyone voting on November 2, 2010.  President Obama indicated voting for Jim Himes and Richard Blumenthal will only help the administration to continue with the progression of job creation, healthcare policies and other ideas that his administration wants to put in place.  The President's appearance also brought out the Global Aids foundation, who believe this administration is not doing enough to support the cause.  However, President Obama made it very clear to the protestors who interrupted his speech, to consider which party is most likely to do something about funding Global Aids crisis.  Review the the moment on video here on


Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming election!


The Happenings at Longe Media Conference 2010

One looks at a beautiful well put together event and believe it is a seamless production, but truly understanding what goes on behind the scene of the design and layout of a conference will allow you to appreciate the time and effort it requires to educate, entertain and deliver a production of paramount.


Linda E. McMahon


Linda E. McMahon last year stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, a publicly traded company in Stamford, Connecticut that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol WWE. Linda helped grow the company from a modest 13-person operation to a global enterprise with over 500 employees and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, London, Ontario, Shanghai, and Tokyo. The company has been named one of Forbes 200 Best Small Companies.

She is running for the United States Senate to change Washington’s failed economic policies, get spending under control and put people back to work. Linda is a fiscal conservative who is concerned about the massive deficit spending in Washington and the huge debt with which we are saddling the country and future generations. With over 30 years of real life business experience, she knows how to manage a budget, create jobs, and stimulate our economy.

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