Is the World Really ready for “Fuzz and Carrie”?

 Listening to Fuzz and Carrie, you simply can hear a gift, a great gift! The quality production, the lyrics of the songs, and most of all, how the music makes you feel. When you are listening to this duo, they are ready to take over the charts. Get ready everyone; there is nothing sweeter than great music that makes your heart feel peace and love. Yes! Exactly “Peace and Love”. 

On their new EP, "Maple Hill Sessions Vol. 1" the duo draws from a career of playing with their band Caravan of Thieves while they add a fresh, yet comfortable spin-off to their own journey. Listen to the tracks at ( ) They remind us of the innocent delivery of great music, the voices both so sweet and nuanced, nothing short of excellence. They honor songs by singing them the way they were written, reminding us why anyone would fall in love with this music group in the first place.

It doesn't hurt that they have assembled some of the finest lyrics, music, and production on the Northeast Scene. From Crazy, Poison, I Get Sad and the favorite Sweeter. This 6 Track EP is exactly what the world needs at this moment; As Fuzz and Carrie, brings class, love, and simply good music to the music industry which brings us back to what true musicianship is about.

Fuzz and Carrie also add a subtext to each song that is more defined; Not surprising, considering they performed all over the world and have become a recognized name in the industry.


About the Band: Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, the fervent musical couple who front their band, Caravan of Thieves, have traveled a fruitful yet challenging road since they met in late 2003. Soon after, they began blending their voices, writing music; traveling and performing together as the acoustic guitar-toting duo they simply called “Fuzz and Carrie”. Using the musical spirit to guide them, they found themselves in different corners of the globe, and with a little trial, error, and adventure behind them, they arrived at a concept the two of them would soon call “Caravan of Thieves”. 


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LM Indicates he's about to take over the world?

LM say he's about to take over the music world! Let us know your thoughts on his new music; see below and let Longe know how you feel about this emerging artist. Music comes from within one's soul and it usually reflects our thought and feelings of our present or past., do you see this in LM's Music? We look forward to hearing from you, our readers on this new artist and his musicianship!


San Marino Mirko Moroncelli alias JDKA Jimmi

The San Marino Mirko Moroncelli alias JDKA Jimmi, class 1993 began to write and play from a small age. Currently has behind his first EP, entitled "Jimmi JDKA" which was found to be a good step of presentation. The result was in fact that thanks to the popularity with the first single "JDKA", the artist was able to receive in a short time the certification from the VEVO channel.

Jimmi has thus proved to be an artist that aims to improve the mood in all those who listen to his music. A real mix of moods, pointing to the irony and aims to improve the status of positivity in all. Here below was published the video of his second single "Cash Like Time".

From always the artist works for its intention of becoming known for good in the field of national and in the very near future, in the international field. Then you have never stopped and in fact currently is in the phase of assembly, is the single extracted from its EP, this is a song Hip Hop entitled "Easy Lov" and is realized in collaboration with "Haski" and with the American instrumental "5TH Dimension".

Back in the limelight with a new look that gives you a whole new look and rebellious, in line with the style of the new video. The news that the EP from room assembly, speak to us of the presence of Ash a known fictional character of the Pokémon. Today returned extremely fashion, on the mobile phones of almost all ages, thanks to the new game. There will also be of Cosplayer and caricatures cardboard.

In short, as it has already demonstrated in the past, remains a boy spurred precisely by his passion to go forward on his way.


DeeJay Pico 2017 Mix

DeeJay Pico mix is ready for 2017 and it will be heard in many clubs under great songs. The Track "My New Dimension LATVIA" has all the components once you hear it, you will have not choice but to get up and dance. The drop made in the composition at track time point of 2:29-2:31 is pure genius. Longe cannot wait to hear the beat under some of the greatest artists in the world.
DeeJay Pico launched their career in July 1998 with their debut as DeeJay in Private parties, and at only 16 years old have started to play for fun in some many clubs and bars in the Province of Salerno. Music has been a part of DeeJay Pico since forever. At the age of 17 Years old, he started to compose digital music with his computer, producing electronic instrument.
In the 2000 DeeJay Pico made so many songs but never published them, he continued to play at clubs in Italy and Europe. In 2001, at the of 18 years old; He published his first album Collection of songs called“ Behind the Future".

After Many Years of stop, and after moving all him life in Riga (Latvia) in 2016 have started a new project's first composing a many numbers of song and exploring so many music attitudes, have have published the Single “My New Dimension (LATVIA)” as a present for the him new country and have started to work on many others project and music fusion. Now working on a new Album, full of vibes from nature, the new city and peoples with a large of music influence.

Harmony Drive unleash a brand new single, "See You".

Hailing from Norway, Harmony Drive is one of those rare bands who excel at defying all your expectations. By taking a look at this bunch of Scandinavian metalheads, you'd expect thundering riffs, earthquake drums and brutal vocals, but there is a twist: The guys in the band are equally as fond of folk, indie, alt-pop and Americana, and they aren't afraid to show their mellow side and create catchy music with integrity.

Harmony Drive's debuted in 2014 with an acclaimed album that received heavy rotation and praise internationally, helping the band win over fans from countries as diverse as the US and the Philippines. 
Today, the band is ready to unleash a brand new single, "See You".

The song was recorded with drummer Dave Elitch, known for his work with The Mars Volta, Juliette Lewis and more. The band also worked with legendary producer Richard J Veltrop, who was at the helm of incredible records by Rage Against The Machine, Tom Petty or Ozzy Osbourne, among others.

The result? An upbeat, warm and infectious track with a truly positive vibe.
Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story.

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