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Jamaster A ft.Harriet Hill -Candle Light We Burn

An Instant love came to the soul when this song was playing. "Jamaster A ft.Harriet Hill -Candle Light We Burn".

No matter what city you live in, music is always one of the biggest connections for humans lives, and not just for a weekend at the party of the year. New York is a popular destination for music throughout the US and also abroad, not only for the movie studios and shopping; it's a great place for musicianship. However, there are a few songs, one can listen too and instantly falls in love. Well "Jamaster A Ft. Harriet Hill" is on top of the list and will make it on the playlist for the car drive.

This year the most anticipated new and upcoming stars are in New York, Los Angeles, and others.  But In New York City one can always expect new ideas, new artists, new fashion, and most of all; great new music.  "Candle Light We Burn" I will not be surprised at all seeing this song on the top of the Billboard charts this year. "Jamaster A" is from Asia and has been making great waves with his music. He has made it on many charts with his music productions.  His talent is extraordinary in many ways and does pose the quality one needs to make it as a  "Star".

When you listen to "Candle Light we Burn" you will hear the quality production, great composition, and arrangement that will make anyone dance in the clubs or bounce in their cars.

Check out the video below and lets us know your thoughts on this fiery song "Candle Light We Burn" by Jamaster A Ft. Harriet.

Listen to this hot new song at:

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