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“In whatever you do, strive to do it so well, that no man living, no man dead, and no man yet to be born can do it any better”  -Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

Nicholas “Nick” Bartley

Nicholas “Nick” Bartley is a young, energetic, and bourgeoning business mogul in the making with 10+ years of “qualified” event planning experience. I humbly address you in this message as the Founder and CEO of V2L Events, your event planning & design company. Often times I am noted for my sense of humility with a twist of arrogance and a bold flavor of self-confidence. As I look back on my life, which guides my daily existence, I make no apologies for reaching beyond the confines of this galaxy to aim for the dreams, goals, and ambitions that serves as the essence and manifestation of my destiny.

Many would look at me as a well-dressed, educated, goal-oriented, articulate, African-American man that has beaten the odds of what my beginnings dictated as the path I was to follow. However, I would look at myself, simply as a vessel of God sent to speak life and encouragement to those who know deep down inside that their environment does not determine who they are to become. I am a southern gentleman that is not afraid to let it be known that I was born in public housing and was one of five children raised in a single parent household by a hardworking woman that continues to be my motivation and inspiration for success. The very fact that I was surrounded by men and women who knew I was not the ordinary child, made me realize later in life that I was not meant to do things in an ordinary fashion. These supporters were the very people that pushed me to strive to do extraordinary things and allowed me to be me. Therefore, what was to become part of my destiny allowed me to endure the hardships, trials, and tribulations that one must go through if he is to identify with the very fact that “there is nothing to hard for God”. I was being placed in a position to where my hungry and sleepless nights, days of playing alone since I did not fit in with the others, the taunting and teasing because I would not conform to the stress of life & peer pressure, and the mere fact that at a young age I knew college was in my future despite the lack of a real-life example to follow. So from the midst of academic excellence and achievement arose a first generation college attendee who obtained a Bachelor’s in Mathematics for Morehouse College, Master’s in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University, and is preparing to soon seek a joint program to obtain the Juris Doctorate & Master of Business Administration degrees. Some call it over achievement, I call it creating my own path and showing that anything is possible.

The key to my current success is the fact that I stay grounded and devoted to fulfilling and executing my passion. Some find it easy to chase money, success, and fame, but all I have ever strove to do was help others. This was my work ethic while in school and it continues to be the driving force today. Upon my matriculation into College I was sure that I was destined to be the next great Architect. However, over time this change would be inevitably clear to me as I began to learn from my experiences in other endeavors. After graduation I received my first professional appointment as a Budget Assistant at Morehouse College and within my first year received a promotion to Budget analyst where I worked to manage and maintain a then $65M budget, give or take. After four years in the finance arena and my motivation and self-efficacy in that position began to decline due to my desire to assist with the development and motivation of students, not approving expenditures and maintaining budgets. Therefore, I spent my last nine months there as the Director of On-Campus Recruitment. The interaction with the current students and prospective students led me to my niche and passion and the decrease in my pay didn’t amount to my new found happiness. With the understanding that everything happens for a reason, my separation from my past employer allowed me the opportunity get back on track and to seriously think and reflect on how to utilize my skills and abilities to assist others and continue to seek the means of “affecting change in my environment”, a phrase I often used when speaking to college and high school students. I was fortunate and will be forever grateful for the experience and opportunity to build a solid five year career foundation at my college alma mater. The values I learned actually propelled me in many directions at once and taught me that it is definitely okay to stretch myself and not be comfortable with the status quo.

Therefore, after a bittersweet separation I decided to pursue a long awaited entrepreneurial endeavor…to own my own conference and special events company. It is my belief that my unique background of education, financial management, customer focus principles, innovative event planning experiences & creative design ideas will combine as an infusion of the perfect blend to accomplish my mission of transforming my clients’ visions into legendary and one of a kind events. I pride myself on making sure that each intricate detail receives the attention and recognition it deserves. So with an empty bank account, my final paycheck, and the prayers & faith that I learned at a young age, I took the ultimate leap of faith to create V2L Events. V2L is an avant-garde event design firm that seeks to change the scope of the event world and show clients that calculated risks are worth it as the final event experience will be one full of memories and a brand enhancer. This type of thinking creates a sense of discomfort for many and V2L recognizes that not everyone is ready to allow their event to be a life changing experience for the guests. Our aim is to afford everyone the opportunity to witness the V2L experience.

What is the V2L experience?

The V2L experience appeals to the needs of clients, the desires of attendees, and seeks to resolve the issue of lost event identity. No two events should be created equal so our intent is to ensure each event we produce has its own unique identity and experience of engagement. For a deeper understanding….stay tuned!


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Branding & Marketing for Jawz Inc

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Home and design.  Our design and architectural editorial features some of the best home designers in the world.

Beyond Oceans, we design luxury is the slogan of JAWZ Inc. The amazing talent behind Jawz aquarium and Design Company is the driving force behind its success. The captains of this ship are CEO Harjun Williams and Chief Operation Manager Maurice Williams.  This strong brother team has established a unique brand that allows anyone who works with them to simply want more. Having had the opportunity to know the Williams Brothers, one would describe Harjun as a handsome and charming man with an extraordinary gift   He describes his talents as “a pure gift from god.” In addition to being talented, Maurice also overseas the operation and logistics of the business in every aspect.

Harjun Williams’ success story is simply inspiring for any entrepreneur. After leaving high school, Williams did not take the traditional route. He didn't go off to college like his peers. He knew he had a love for architecture, but he was lost trying to understand what he truly wanted out of life. While trying to find his direction, he kept up with his love for aquariums and creatures of the sea. Because of this love, he worked for an aquarium shop in New York for many years in the late 90’s. Williams only made five dollars an hour. Out of this hobby,  Williams created a company that is respected throughout the world. A day on the job with Harjun Williams consists of one of two visit to clients. He makes sure they have everything they need. Williams also calls and negations with his operation manager and connecting with his staffs.

As a hands on CEO, perfection is at the top of his list when it comes to creations. Jawz Inc is one of the world’s premiere leaders in aquarium & furniture art. They have showrooms located in Miami and New York. They travel the world to bring luxury designs to their clients in commercial and residential locations. From new construction to renovation, all of their work is done in-house. According Williams, this ensures the beauty and tranquility will be optimized to the aquarium. He also wants to create high quality furniture.  Jawz Inc Designs creates, manufactures and installs the finest custom cabinetry. In addition to this, the company does woodwork for residential and commercial locations. Jawz Inc.  takes pride in in their expert designers to make each client feel as if they are the only one.

Their clients always feel apart of their project. They provide a seamless production process for each one. With over 12 years of experience, they have built many of the Tri-States, California and Florida’s finest custom residential and commercial furniture. Today, Jawz Inc is considered an expert in providing aquariums and maintenance services. Their highly trained and professional staff members are always on time and they’re when you need us. The maintenance team ensures aquariums and water features are always clean, clear and prepared for longevity


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America: Land of Hard Work and Prosperity or Land of Entitlement and Litigation?

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It is well known this country was founded on hard work from the pilgrims to pioneers, coal miners and engineers. Everything worked for was done through enormous feats of physical endurance, know-how and innovation. All of this hard work led to the inventions and innovations which have made our lives so much easier. Each generation has worked extremely hard to make sure the next generation has had it a bit easier. But the question is have we made it too easy for ourselves? Instead of a good old fashioned work ethic have we passed down a sense of entitlement? American workers of the past didn’t grumble over 16 hour work days. They didn’t bail when they broke a sweat. They were proud of every hard earned dime which put food on the table. When it came to buying a car, house, or a college education for the kids, they saved and felt a well earned sense of accomplishment when they could afford anything. This sense of pride and accomplishment has been replaced with a sense of entitlement.

Easy credit and frivolous lawsuits might have thrown the concept of having a work ethic out of the window. It is hard to pick yourself up and head out the door for a tiring laborious job when you see someone on the news bring in a multi-million dollar check because they found a bug in their food at a local fast food restaurant, or because they didn’t look both ways and got hit by a car. Seeing these kinds of incidents pan out for folks who have done nothing to actually earn a million dollars has sparked envy from those who always work hard. Regrettably, children see this type of payout and grow to expect an easy ride rather than earn it. Today, some look to those who are financially successful such as doctors, fast food chains, insurance companies and big business, but instead of imitating the model of success they spent years following, some just want to acquire what they have by suing them.


There are endless of examples of those who have chosen to sue for riches and a lifestyle they won’t work to earn. Some ways in which you see this tactic used successfully is in the areas of car insurance, medical malpractice suits and workers compensation. You can find many situations where someone suffered minimal damage and has accepted a multi-million dollar settlement so they never have to bother working again. Medical malpractice meant to protect you from malice or intentional injury has been twisted to make doctors pay out serious cash for any human error imaginable no matter how minor the suffering may turn out to be. Statutes meant to protect labor workers from being unfairly fired or recklessly injured have also been twisted as to allow any minor injury to also result in big pay outs so the worker never has to wok again. It seems as though anyone who sees a large house or beautiful car can simply contemplate who to sue and they too can have all the luxuries in life without ever having to work to earn them.

There are several shocking examples of people who chose suing to earn money rather than hard work. One man actually sued NBC for 2.5 million on the premise that the show “Fear Factor” caused him pain and suffering due to its content and how it made him sick to watch. Another woman is now living quite nicely after she was hit by a subway train in New York City. She was awarded 14 million dollars. The subway system in no way failed or was faulty. She was laying on the tracks trying to attempt suicide at the time she was hit. She survived and now has 14 million reasons to live. One man now lives free and easy after suing Budweiser Beer. Did they harm him in any way making it impossible for him to earn a living for his family? No. He was irreparably traumatized when he found drinking Budweiser didn’t get the beautiful women promised in their advertising. Sadly, all of these folks are now relishing in riches they never had to earn the hard way.

These cases and the general mentality of entitlement found in all aspects of American society only show future generations all they need for success is to sit back and wait for a minor misfortune to fall upon them. Millions of dollars are likely to fall from the sky if they just find the right lawyer to take the case.

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MonaVie Offers Power Super Fruit with Punch

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MonaVie Offers Power Super Fruit with Punch

Monavie offer Power Super Fruit With Punch


MonaVie might not look like the average health drink you find in your local grocery store. It actually looks more like a fine wine and cost just as much. Going for more than $25 to $30 a bottle, this sleek, black and shiny bottle stands out from other drinks promoting the same claims of nutritional power. You also will not even find MonaVie on any store shelf. It is sold through independent distributors and online. It has operations located throughout the world including in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Mexico to name a few. This luscious concoction is literally spreading across the globe. Many wonder why this exotic looking bottled juice is being marketed as the greatest juice concoction ever to be bottled. There are several reasons MonaVie is making quite a name for itself and enlisting believers and followers around the world.

MonaVie’s main ingredient is the super fruit acai berry. This berry is becoming universally known for its high concentration of antioxidants. Some studies show the acai berry is actually the most concentrated natural source of antioxidants found on Earth. The acai berry is found exclusively in the tops of palm trees only located in the Amazon Rain Forest of South America.

Its rarity alone makes it a very expensive ingredient to get your hands on in its purest form. One claim making the rounds of medical studies which has caught the attention of folks looking for a super food is lab tests have shown the acai berry kills off 86% of leukemia cells in isolated tests. This is an astounding statistic to take in. If proven this effective in humans, you can easily imagine how in demand the acai berry in all its forms will soon become. Since this ‘super fruit’ is the primary ingredient in MonaVie, it is easy to see why it is attracting so much attention. While some might see the qualities of the acai berry as being exaggerated, it is hard to argue with the true benefits the acai berry has compared to other foods out there.


The acai berry is not the only selling point for investing in an expensive bottle of MonaVie. There are several formulas that suit different needs. MonaVie original is made up of the berry and 19 other fruit juices, each loaded with their own benefits to be appreciated. MonaVie Active has the benefits of original plus added celadrin and glucosamine which is shown to help with flexibility and joint health. It is advertised as increasing mobility for people with such conditions as arthritis. MonaVie Pulse is advertised as a drink to support cardiovascular health. It contains plant sterols which lower cholesterol and resveratrol. MonaVie E is promoted as a recharging health drink. It is lightly carbonated and is advertised as increasing performance, endurance and concentration. These specialty versions of the ever expanding MonaVie company serve to cater to a customer base which is interested in more than just an antioxidant drink.


Other ingredients in MonaVie are highlighted for their own health benefits. Passion fruit, which is proven to lower blood pressure and has antispasmodic properties, is also in the drink. Pomegranate juice is one ingredient which contains phytochemicals and anticarcinogenic and antifibrosis properties. Apricots, which stabilize blood pressure, and cranberries, long known for its antibiotic capabilities, are also on the list of the 19 additional ingredients. These are all beneficial fruits that when added to acai berry juice can really give you the extra nutrients you might not find in foods alone.


As with any health drink, there are precautions to pay attention to. Even though the ingredients of MonaVie are all natural and pure, the combination can be harmful if you take other nutritional supplements at the same time. You are also advised to not indulge in this drink too much if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant. As with any high dose of any natural supplement, you need to discuss its consumption with a doctor.

While the benefits of MonaVie as a health drink really can’t be denied, marketing it as a cure-all promoting general well being might be a little exaggerated. It certainly is good for you in every way, but acai berry in other cheaper forms can be just as beneficial. As with most new health trends, natural is better but costing a fortune doesn’t mean it has super ability either. Spending the $25 on actual fruit for the fruit bowl rather than on an expensively packaged and marketed bottle of juice just may give you the same benefits.

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