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Business Sponsor Package

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Brand your company and generate new business with as an exhibitor at the Longe Media Conference Business Expo. The Business Expo is designed to provide opportunities for exhibition of products and services to be marketed to a targeted audience of small business owners, rising/current entrepreneurs, and professionals. We target exhibitors based on their ability to relate to the target audience and provide products and services they can use in their business development and operations.

Exhibit with us and show our attendees why your company is the leader and preferred choice in your industry.

Premium Exhibitor Package - $2,500

* 20’x10’ Exhibitor Booth space
* Two 6’ tables & 4 chairs
* Company Advertisement in the official event guide
* (4) Four Exhibitor passes (exhibit area only)

Exhibitor Package - $1,500

* 10x10 Exhibit Booth space
* One 6’ table & 2 chairs
* Company Profile with 100 word description & Logo in the official event guide
* (2) Two Exhibitor passes (exhibit area only)

Entrepreneur Exhibitor Package (start-ups) - $500

* Table Top Exhibit Space
* 6’ table & 1 chair
* 100 word description in the official event guide
* (1) One Exhibitor pass (exhibit area only)

Self Starter Exhibitor Package (Company with 4 or less people)- $200

* Table Top Exhibit Space
* 4’ table & 1 chair
* 50 word description in the official event guide
* (1) One Exhibitor pass (exhibit area only)

Create high levels of visibility with your company by choosing one of the Longe Media Conference Sponsorship Packages. Note these are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and are reserved for your company when payment has been made in full.

Premier Sponsor (3) - $7,500 – $10,000

Become a Premier Event Sponsor and market your company to an attendee base physically onsite and virtually through our followership via out social media outlets. Our marketing campaign includes the utilization of social media to promote the conference and to provide updated during the actual conference experience. Each of these three opportunities will allow your company the chance to see first-hand the impacts you are having on attendees as they enjoy a great experience compliments of your support. These exclusive opportunities are as follows:
- Music & Fashion Showcase
- Business Expo
- Media Lounge

Music & Fashion Showcase Sponsor - $10,000

Exclusive sponsorship of the Music & Fashion Showcase. As the Conference entertainment highlight, the Music & Fashion Showcase allows your company to display your support of the Arts as musicians and fashion designer showcase their talents for the ultimate honor of becoming the showcase winner for their respective categories. This is a great opportunity to be branded in print, virtual, and with video. As the presenting sponsor of the 2012 Music & Fashion Showcase, attendees and participants will have a lasting impression of the event and your brand.

Media Lounge Sponsor  - $7,500

Exclusive sponsorship of the Social Media+ Lounge. This is the place where attendees will gather during breaks and encouraged to express their conference experience via live social media (Facebook and Twitter) posts. Attendees and participants will have access to a complimentary continental breakfast and beverage stations and with full recognition as a courtesy of your company. This area will be fully adorned with your Company Signage and logo.

Business Expo Sponsor - $7,500

Exclusive sponsorship of the Business Expo. This is the place where attendees will gather to gain information on products and services that can assist them in their entrepreneurial endeavors. As one of the main components to the Conference, your company will gain premium exposure as attendees receive information and enter the exhibition area with your company branded as the presenting sponsor of the 2012 Business Expo

Premier Sponsor Benefits include:
* Presenting sponsor designation with Industry exclusivity

Branding & Marketing:

* Premier sponsor recognition on conference web site w/banner and link
* One dedicated e-mail promotion solely featuring your participation in the event
* Prominent logo feature in all conference marketing collateral
* Logo on cover of conference program
* Top recognition with prominent logo featured on welcome signage
* Logo on sponsored event/area and directional signage
* Full page color ad in the official event guide
* Inclusion in special “thank you” ad in the official event guide

Event Concessions:

* Five (5) Conference (Full Access) passes for company representatives
* Exhibitor Booth space at event
* Opportunity to address audience (if applicable)
* Access to attendee list


Workshop Sponsor (5 opportunities) - $2,000
* Logo featured on marketing collateral's
* Half-page b&w ad in the official event guide
* Logo with link on the homepage of conference web site
* Inclusion in the special “thank you” ad in the official event guide
* Placement of your collateral materials on all seats of session(s) sponsored
* Logo on screen between sessions
* Two (2) Conference (Full Access) passes for company representatives

Exclusive Conference Bag Sponsor (1) -$3,000

* Logo featured on official Longe Media Conference bag provided to all attendees
* Half-page b&w ad in the official event guide
* Logo featured on marketing collateral's
* Logo with link on the homepage of conference web site
* Inclusion in the special “thank you” ad in the official event guide
* Two (2) Conference (Full Access) passes for company representatives

Conference Name Badge Sponsor (1) - $1,500

Great brand awareness! See your company’s logo around virtually every attendee, speaker and exhibitor’s neck!
* Logo on all name badge lanyards/Name badge holders
* Half-page b&w ad in the official event guide
* Logo featured on marketing collaterals
* Logo with link on the homepage of conference web site
* Inclusion in the special “thank you” ad in the official event guide
* Two (2) Conference (Full Access) passes for company representatives

Additional Marketing Opportunities
* Literature/Product samples in Conference bag
* Logo on Conference Community site
* Advertisement in Conference event guide
* In-Kind gift cards, products, service donations


Meet & Greet Reception Sponsor (1) - $5,000

Meet & Greet by Longe is changing the way conference attendees and exhibitors exchange information. Great brand awareness!
* Three (3) Conference (Full Access) passes for company representatives
* Half-page b&w ad in the official event guide
* Logo featured on marketing collateral's

* Logo with link on the homepage of conference site
* Inclusion in the special “thank you” ad in the official event guide

Lunch Sponsor (1) - $5,000

Exclusive sponsorship of the Social Media Plus Lunch. Complimentary lunch will be provided to Conference attendees courtesy of your company.
* Three (3) Conference (Full Access) passes for company representatives
* Half-page b&w ad in the official event guide
* Logo featured on all marketing collateral's
* Logo with link on the homepage of conference web site
* Inclusion in the special “thank you” ad in the official event guide

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Business Kit

  • Written by Longe Magazine Business Specialist Department
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Regardless of your Business you need a “START UP KIT”. Do you know what they are?

The download kit is filled with the following

1. A Business Plan

a. Places You can get your Business Plan Written for $1500 or Less (if you choose to outsource)

2. Where and Who to register your business online and get your EIN # in 10 minutes or less

a. How to Register and Incorporate your business (This is Actually Something that is not as expensive as one would think)

3. Get your company Identification to establish your business (Design Matters)

a. Overall design, Website Design, Business Cards, Letter Head

4. Money

a. Depending on your business you can start it with as little as $1,000 dollars

i. Email longe@longemagazine.com with your ideas and find ways to make it work (Please note you must be a subscriber to obtain assistance)

ii. You Can get loans

iii. Does “SBA” really help?

iv. Government Contracts

5. Marketing

a. How to use the internet and make it easy

i. SEO

6. Accounting Software

a. You can get free

7. Resources for your business

a. We can get you information on any business you’re interested in. (You must be a Subscriber to email us with your request.)

i. Where do I get a developer for my software? We know!

ii. Where do I get the listing for the Fashion buyers and shows? We know!

iii. Where do I get the listing for Commercial stations, DJ's, and all I need for my indie label to be successful? We Know!

8. Trouble in Business

a. When enough money is not coming in

b. Bill

c. Boarder

9. Getting clients and retaining them

a. Free (Customer Relationship Management) CRM that can expand as you grow

10. Keep up with changes

a. Growth

b. Technology

c. And more..


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Breast Cancer Affects Everyone

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Breast Cancer Affects Everyone

Breast cancer is not a disease anyone will be able to turn a blind eye to. Everyone needs to be concerned with breast cancer simply because it will affect almost everyone’s life in one way or another. Even if you are not a woman, you most certainly care about one. There are countless mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, teachers, business partners and grandmothers out there who may have to face this disease. Some may ask why they should be concerned with breast cancer if it doesn’t affect them. The simple answer is because it will someday.

As far as the chances of someone you love being diagnosed with the disease, you may be surprised to know that 70% of those diagnosed have no risk factors. It can literally sneak up on any woman you may love or care for. There are almost 200,000 women newly diagnosed each year. Of those, 40,000 will die from it.

The death rate is declining; but breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer amongst women. For Hispanic women in particular, it is the number on cause of cancer death. Still for other ethnic groups, it is the second most common cause of cancer death. If you love a woman, respect a woman or otherwise rely on a woman, this is reason enough to be concerned. Just knowing a woman with breast cancer is reason enough to be concerned with her care and diagnosis, but sometimes it hits home a little harder. Having a woman in the house get that dreaded diagnosis takes an enormous emotional toll on the entire household. The sheer facts and of treatment and recovery are enough to scare anyone who knows the patient. The entire household will be thrown into total upheaval with the mom or wife undergoing treatment. For most homes, the woman is the cornerstone, the foundation, the main source of support and continuity. While the man and woman may share bread winning roles and household responsibilities, the woman still typically keeps the wheels of the household greased and running. Having her have to face her own mortality is heartbreaking enough. Having to face a family life without her can be terrifying. The emotions, scheduling, and wanting to maintain a somewhat normal family life can be more work than some can handle. The strain on a marriage also goes much deeper as intimacy will forever be changed when the woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Children can also have a difficult time dealing with the news and outlook for their mom. Some who are older and can understand more of the consequences may help out more and be a viable support system. However, others may have pent up anger brew over and result in acting out. This acting out and self destructive behavior will also add to the stress already present from a breast cancer diagnoses.

The main job of anyone who is faced with having to be there for a loved one with breast cancer is to be a support system. Since you will never have advanced warning, just a moment in time when all was normal then the word ‘cancer’ sends shockwaves through your family dynamics, you will have a limited time to pick yourself up and be there for the patient. Unfortunately, some breast cancer patients still take on the role of caregiver after they are diagnosed. The diagnosis so rattles their loved ones they find themselves consoling and reassuring everyone that they will be fine. This should not be their job. It should be the responsibility of the loved ones to come together and support the woman in their lives. Coming together to be a strong support system can make a huge difference in how a woman will respond to treatment.

While advances in breast cancer treatment are astounding and helping each new woman diagnosed see a light at the end of the tunnel, it is still a devastating illness with life long scars inside and out. A woman is forever changed by the diagnosis. The body of the woman you love or know will also be forever changed. All of these circumstances and loss of control over their own health and destiny can make breast cancer a very difficult chapter in the life of any woman. Regardless of where you come from, your education level, the size of your paycheck, the faith you practice, age or color of your skin, breast cancer can be part of your reality before you know what hit you. For any person out there who has even just one woman in their life they need our love. Breast caner should be a concern for everyone.

Help Support Breast Cancer Research! Your Donation is appreciated.

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Investors Relations:

Longe Magazine and Distribution, Inc.


Longe magazine and distribution (Longe Magazine) is an emerging company that combines the business, media and entertainment industries. Longe Magazines’ idea is to have a centralized location where professionals can go obtain more services and fractions of the cost. Longe Magazine has developed a plan to achieve higher returns in a shorter time period. We have high expectations, and we are set to meet them all.


Longe Magazine is looking for venture capitalist and angel investors looking to invest in a company with a solid business and marketing plan. Longe Magazine’s solid plan along with our unique technology sets our company apart from average companies in our industry. If looking to invest in a solid up and coming company the earlier you do the better return you will have.


Longe Magazine also has private share available in the company. If you are an investor looking to purchase shares you can contact the company and receive shares, or information to other investors holding shares. Our company shares are stable and competitive.


Longe Magazine has an investment approach set for two types of investors, if you are a serious investor, and would like to speak about an investment opportunity with Longe Magazine and Distribution, contact us:



Longe Magazine and Distribution

CFO: DaShawn Robinson

Email: dr@longemagazine.com


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