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Longe Magazine and Distribution, Inc.


Longe magazine and distribution (Longe Magazine) is an emerging company that combines the business, media and entertainment industries. Longe Magazines’ idea is to have a centralized location where professionals can go obtain more services and fractions of the cost. Longe Magazine has developed a plan to achieve higher returns in a shorter time period. We have high expectations, and we are set to meet them all.


Longe Magazine is looking for venture capitalist and angel investors looking to invest in a company with a solid business and marketing plan. Longe Magazine’s solid plan along with our unique technology sets our company apart from average companies in our industry. If looking to invest in a solid up and coming company the earlier you do the better return you will have.


Longe Magazine also has private share available in the company. If you are an investor looking to purchase shares you can contact the company and receive shares, or information to other investors holding shares. Our company shares are stable and competitive.


Longe Magazine has an investment approach set for two types of investors, if you are a serious investor, and would like to speak about an investment opportunity with Longe Magazine and Distribution, contact us:



Longe Magazine and Distribution

CFO: DaShawn Robinson

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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