How and Where to Choose a Broker, Accountant, or Financial Planner

How and Where to Choose a Broker, Accountant, or Financial Planner


When it comes to finding or choosing between any financial advisers, be it a broker, accountant or a planner, you need to keep one very important fact in the back of your mind. It is your money you are talking about. Whether you have a huge sum in retirement savings and you are finally ready to open the accounts and live your dream, or if you are a small business seeing prosperous returns and need help dealing with all the profit options and tax issues, these professionals will be able to help. You have to be sure of what you need and who you want to do it. Remember, it is very important to investigate anyone who you plan to hand your financial portfolio over to.


There are as many reasons to seek financial professionals as there are people certified to do the job. While retirement planning and small business needs rank up amongst the top reasons, other reasons include adjusting your portfolio to an ever changing business climate. There are also so many new technologies available for finances that the average Joe may find it overwhelming to manage it all on his own.


Once you have identified a specific need for any of these financial professionals, it is then your responsibility to thoroughly research the necessary credentials each professional should have. This will let you know they have the education, certification and legal authority to do the job they say they can do. Your money should be in the hands of someone who can undoubtedly prove they have the right stuff to take care of it. You may not want to simply go online and click the first broker or accountant that pops up. You should also avoid pinpointing a financial planner or broker in the phone book based on ad size. While neither of these search methods are technically wrong or will lead you to financial ruin, there are smarter ways to find the right professional. You should first begin your search through your personal circle of friends and business associates. They will at least be able to narrow down the perspective pool of potential professionals.


Once you have narrowed the search down to a few you feel are referred by trusted sources, you should arrange to meet with them. Most brokers, accountants, and financial planners will host an introductory meeting free of charge. This will give you and them the opportunity to lay out your needs on the table. This will also give the professional a pretty clear idea of whether or not they are the right fit for you.


When you arrange an introductory meeting, it is important to go armed with any questions you can think of. If you are meeting with a potential broker, be very sure to ask the cost of trades. You will also want to be sure they will allow you timely execution of orders. Be sure to ask what forms of communication they will use to be available to you when the market is fluctuating.


Some questions you may want to ask an accountant you meet with would pertain to their knowledge of tax laws and how they may pertain to you. You will also want to inquire about their fees and if they have insurance to cover any possible tax preparation mistakes on their part.


Questions to keep in mind when choosing a financial planner would be how they charge. Are they an advisor who gets paid by the client alone or do they also collect a commission on purchases or sale of financial products.


Once you establish the questions most relevant to the financial help you need, you have to take a look at how they conduct business and not just the specific credentials they hold. It is important that whoever you choose has the latest technologies available to get the most for your money. They should also exhibit exemplary customer service skills. Making themselves available to you and being sure they have your best interest at heart is vital. You should feel confident that they are treating you and your money with the utmost respect and care whether you are their smallest client or you are a member of a large firm handing over tons of money for investing.


When you find yourself really needing professional help with your money from either a broker, accountant, or financial planner you must feel absolutely secure in the knowledge of someone else having control of your money. If you can feel that security and truly walk out of the office knowing your money is safer with them than with your financial knowledge leading the way, you have found the right financial professional for you.

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