Intellectual Rights

When a creative mind comes up an idea that can add more value to the humanity, so it is normal to seek an avenue where the original piece of the creativity will not hijacked or stolen by another person and the best way to go about it is by getting intellectual property rights.

A creative masterpiece could be useful in the field of science, arts, sports, and manufacturing or in the field of information technology. Therefore, intellectual property rights confers on the inventions a stamp of originality and cannot be easily duplicated by any other person or entity except an exclusive right to its usage is granted from the original source.
However, copyright owners can only enjoy some benefits of monopoly over there invention during its usage period. They enjoy exclusive opportunities to determine who benefits from the invention; this is a way of making them to profit from their efforts.


We have different type of intellectual property – such as copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Copyright – this is different type of intellectual property, it is covered by intellectual property law. Copyrights are acquired by article writers, novelists and other literary creators and they are granted for a specific period of time before it enters public domain. Copyright is solely under the control of intellectual property organization (IPO).  Monitoring and control of international copyright infringement is solely under the control of world trade organization (WTO) because all membership countries are expected to sign Trade related aspects of intellectual property right (TRIP).


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