20 Things to do in 2013 to grow a small business

Do you have your own business? You think it is still a small one, and you want to be famous and public and make international business. Do you want to grow it more and more? Here are the 20 things to do in 2013 to grow your small business. Let’s start to discuss each of them.

1- Spend more time in sales:

No one can do it except you as you are the owner and have all knowledge needed about your business. Anyone else will just be an employee.

2- Draw your goal:

Know what you want to do. Just to make money, just to satisfy yourself, or to grow up your business. The choice is up to you.

3- Be a niche player:

Do not try to be everything to everyone select a market and make contact with it to strength your build, process your products, and make your way to be the leader for this target market.

4- Do not lose patience:

If you started your business and do not gain any reward do not lose patience. Everything in its start will be difficult till you make your name in market then everything will be ok.



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