How can a small business survive in 2013 market?

Every year, business market become more aggressive; and to survive your own business in 2013 market; it depends on many factors. The main factor is how to make money to survive. To do it, you have to make a balance between incoming money and out coming expenses. Lots of small businesses owners get into troubles due to excessive loans; spending a lot of money in propaganda, or have many unneeded employees. However, after that they start to manage and find the balance and make it to their sides.

To the way of success, you will meet many obstacles. If you gain small profit in one year, it will influence your work; by cutting the unnecessary expenses, reducing loans, decreasing number of employees or decrease amount of money spent on other services of propaganda. You have to put a schedule for each customer, how much will you gain from him, how much will you spend to do his job and do not forget to calculate the average of money spent on advertising till you get this client. Also do not forget to count your clients at the end of every month.


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